Hi, I am Cyril Sebastian. Thanks for pausing on my site to know more about me.

Trying to use social media to be updated without saving cookies. But found of late, the only secret is laziness. :)

Being a Unix/Linux fan, I always keep looking up on various new things happening around and to optimize it in a best possible way however another reason for that may be because Delhiities(a special breed of humans who often crib about traffic jams in the city, staying in extreme summers or winters but barely feel it as they show and above all they always keep their Aadhar ID cards handy with them just to show their Father’s name if and only if required at road rage, and found in the capital of India called Delhi) prefer doing so. This actually keeps you occupied!!

In my free time though I am not free often apart from the time I get from WhatApp, Twitter, movies, TV series and Youtube I love to sleep. Also trying to go for running for the last couple of years.

Test and research without development is what I try not to end with, but my motive is to make use of all skills which I dream off. So I have my own lovely playgrounds which helps me to keep a record of my experiments. Bashcodes is where explosions happen and I try share the smoke with my own circle of viral media, when I get bombarded with informations on Internet I love to add my part of opinion at BuggingWeb.

These days I am spending more time on DevOps, Docker and Ansible.

If you have something important for me, I’ll love to hear from you. For quick replies you can reach @CyrilSebastian or you can contact me on my email “cyril at buggingweb dot com”.